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Behold, how good and how plesant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
The Book of Psalms 133 verse 1
Welcome to our Family!
This site gives access to a wide range of Graphics, Text files, Programs for various platforms. All these are of interest, and importance, to Family and Christian oriented people everywhere. We hope that you'll emjoy your stay here, and that you'll be coming back again soon!

Thought for TodayUnited Christian Communications Network is the Network of Christian System Operators in Australasia, and has links to the Worldwide FamilyNet Network.

Thought for TodayTheThought for Today foundation distributes texts from the Bible for inclusion in regional newspapers all around Australia. In addition, it also provides a "Thought for Today" accessible via the web.

Churches Australian Churches Online provides a link to various Australian churches available online through the Internet. It also contains links to overseas lists of Churches online.

Bible Reading The Bible Reading Schedule has schedules for new and existing Christians to read through their whole Bible in a year. Just follow these guides.

Cult Awareness Centre The Information and References on the unimaginable number of cults that surround us every day.

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