Family Fellowship Server

Please select your preferred level of technology to start your exploration. The Most advanced is the Java selection, the least advanced is the HTML 1.0 selection.

JAVA based dancing effects! The most advanced technology, but also the most taxing on some of the older computers out there. It truly is beautiful to behold, but only works perfectly on more advanced PCs, with High-Speed connections.

HTML 3.2 pages are the most advanced HTML only pages currently supported. We have tried, wherever possible, to avoid using Java based products.

HTML 1.0 is the lowest level of technology selectable, and frequently switches to html3.2 to complete requests. Whereever possible, this section avoids the use of time-intensive graphics and reverts to Low-tech text only instead.

Last Updated: 25th of March, 1998, , The Galaxy GateWay Computer System.